Updating of the PMBOK® Guide

PMBOK® Guide

2017 is an exciting year in which PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) will be updated.  Every five years PMI updates the PMBOK® Guide to reflect real work processes and techniques in project management.
The stakeholder review of the draft PMBOK® Guide has been divided into two stages and it was indicated that PMI will be publishing the PMBOK® Guide – 6th Edition in the third quarter of 2017.
The PMI Today, May 2016, indicates that the following new content will be added into the ® Guide - 6th Edition:

  • Information about agile and other practices often used in an adaptive environment in each Knowledge Area section (Section 4 – 13).
  • An appendix to The Standard for Project Management on agile and other iterative practices.
  • A new chapter on the role of the project manager and how it relates to the PMI Talent TriangleTM.
  • Some process name changes.

2017 will therefore be an exciting year in which the PMBOK® Guide – 6th Edition will be updated, but also the final year to get registered as a PMP® on th PMBOK® Guide – 5th Edition.  Provect is situated in Bloemfontein and can assist PMP® Certification Aspirants in Central South Africa (Free State, Northern Cape, and Lesotho) with your PMP® Exam Preparation.